Suggested Resources

We have compiled a list of suggested resources to inspire and enlighten you on your search to your unique dream job.  Along with articles and videos we all have a list of great reads in the sidebar Bookcase.  Each of these books can be purchased for your convenience directly from Amazon.

The Crucible 4 Points of Balance™

by Dr. David Schnarch, Ph.D.

One of the most important things in life is becoming a solid individual. And another important thing is to have meaningful relationships. Two of the most powerful human drives are our urge to control our own lives (autonomy), and our urge for relationship with others (attachment). One of the biggest tasks of adulthood is being able to balance these two urges, and one of the most common problems is having too much of one, and not enough of the other. People often feel claustrophobic or controlled in committed relationships, or feel like they can’t be their true self in their relationships, or feel like their sense of self is starting to disappear and they don’t know who they are any more. Others are constantly worried about “abandonment,” or “safety and security,” and constantly press their partner for “commitment,” and “unconditional love.”


Return on Emotion – Predicting and Improving Human Performance

by Tom Durgin – Human Capital Institute “A leader’s intelligence has to have a strong emotional component. He has to have high levels of self-awareness, maturity, and self-control. She must be able to withstand the heat, handle setbacks, and when those lucky moments arise, enjoy success with equal parts of joy and humility. No doubt emotional intelligence is more rare than book smarts, but my experience says it is actually more important in the making of a leader. You just can’t ignore it.”- Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO, General Electric Co.


Coaching: No More Mr. Nice Guy

by Barry Conchie – Gallup Management Journel

The most effective executives coaches offer blunt advice–and focus relentlessly on the numbers.


Overloaded Circuits: Why Smart People Underperform

by Edward M. Hallowell – Harvard Business Review: OnPoint Article

Frenzied executives who fidget through meetings, miss appointments, and jab at the elevator’s “door close” button aren’t crazy–just crazed. They’re suffering from a newly recognized neurological phenomenon called attention deficit trait (ADT). Marked by distratibility, inner frenzy, and impatience, ADT prevents managers from clarifying priorities, making smart decisions, and managing their time. This insidious condition turns otherwise talented performers into harried underachievers. And it’s reaching epidemic proportions.


The Making of a Corporate Athlete

by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review

Some executives thrive under pressure. Others wilt. Is the reason all in their heads? Hardly. Sustained high achievement demands physical and emotional strength as well as a sharp intellect. To bring mind,body,and spirit to peak condition, executives need to learn what world-class athletes already know: recovering energy is as important as expending it.


The Bookcase

Suggested reading for your dream job journey.


The Meaning of Life
by Bradley Grieve

Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements
by Tom Rath

The Four Purposes of Life
by Dan Millman

Man’s Search for Meaning
by Viktor Frankl

Do What You Love,
The Money Will Follow: Discovering
Your Right Livelihood

by Marsha Sinetar

The Millionaire Messenger
by Brandon Bruchard

Wherever You Go,
There You Are

by Jon Kabat-Zinn