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Are you at a cross-roads in your career?  Feeling stuck?  Career transition and job loss can cause a flood of emotions and seemingly endless questions. Do you remember how many times you were asked as a child, “What you wanted to be when you grow up?”  You had your entire life to figure it out. Now, you are older, wondering if you are going to waste the rest of your life in a job you can’t stand? Where do you go from here? We know how miserable this can make you feel.

Create My Dream Job - Overview and the Process

The career transition process necessary to achieve success in business and life.


History & Experience

The journey inward to figure out who you are and what you are passionate about begins with clearly understanding where you have been and what experiences you have gained, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Understanding the pros and cons of your journey thus far is critical for not recreating once again a dead end job.


Interests & Activities

The next step in determining your passion is to understand your fundamental interests and the types of activities you thoroughly enjoy. Building your dream job around your interests and activities ensures you bring a vitality and sense of commitment to your work.

Skills & Strengths

Going a level deeper, it’s important to recognize your natural skills and strengths. You will utilitze these skills and strengths on a day-to-day basis in your work. To create meaningful work, we must use our natural talents and skills in order to maintain the energy and interest needed to continuely perfect our craft.

Values & Needs

At your core lies your fundamental values and needs. These values and needs are the bedrock upon which you will build your dream job. Your values and needs are largely non-negotiable. It is critical to reaffirm these fundamental aspects of yourself before you move to the next stage.


Personal Vision

The journey forward begins as you put together all the pieces from the first four modules and integrate them into your dream job; the vehicle of expression for your passion and purpose. Your dream job may be to start your own company or simply work with an organization with values you are in alignment with.

Action Plan

Although you have done a lot of “heaving lifting” by this point, you still need to create your action plan and make your dream job a reality. Your Action Plan will provided you with a roadmap for realizing your dream job. I have purposely tried to tunnel at the concepts in this program from a variety of angles, recognizing we all learn differently. Some of us like to read, others like hands-on exercises, and others enjoy taking assessments. I have provided a varied learning environment in the hopes that you find enough of what you need in the form you most like to receive it.


Keep Your Life in Balance

It’s easy to fall back into old unproductive patterns. Therefore, it is critical to have a way to measure your progress and keep yourself honest and on track. Your personal scorecard will ensure that you do not get stuck in an unsatisfying job again and keep your life in balance.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

Paul and I worked together for several months – yes several months. Paul took the time to dive deep into my entire life experiences to help me better understand how I got to where I was, what my real strengths were, what I valued and where now, at this point in my life, did I want to go. These discussions were supplemented with reading and other “home work” that really made me step back and reflect on what I wanted to do with the rest of my career. This was real work and it takes time if you really want to be reflective and get to the best answers.

The end result – after working with Paul, I was very clear on what my strengths were. I was clear about the work that I wanted to do and what I didn’t want to do and I had the courage not to sell my way into a position that would not provide me with what I needed. This fundamentally changed the way I approached my next job search and the interviewing process. I interviewed with confidence about what I was great at and what I wanted to do, instead of selling my way into a box that a firm had created for a position. This is a tremendously exciting and rewarding way to move to the next step in your career.

I would highly recommend Paul for his career transition services – it can be a life changing experience!

Chris M.

Chief Operating Officier, Parallel Technologies

I highly recommend Paul’s career transition program as a unique approach to evaluating your career. He helps his clients understand who they truly are; including strengths & intrinsic values & how those factors do or do not align with the career track you’re on. There can be an amazing disconnect! Paul helps his clients align your values, strengths, true interests & passions with a lifestyle & career path that is much more rewarding. It truly is an exhilarating & life changing experience.

Tanya P.

Director of Marketing and Business Development, Clark Engineering

Paul brings a perspective, level of expertise and depth of experience rarely encountered today. His integral approach focuses on much more than what you are doing now, but what you should and want to be doing in your own life. Paul’s approach integrates your natural strengths, abilities and interests to get you past the “sticking points” in life. The consummate professional, Paul’s integrity and honesty are one of many skills that make him an outstanding person to have on your team.

Scott J.

Vice President, Avtex Solutions, LLC